with me


with me

The Girlfriend Experience

Not sure what to expect? The Girlfriend Experience is the perfect way for us to get to know one another in a discreet setting.

The Girlfriend Experience (GFE) with me is exactly that, a warm, welcoming encounter, all wrapped up in delicate lingerie, like a present that’s just for you to enjoy.

I’m a classic romantic so I’ll probably ask you to tell me about your day and encourage you to hold my hand, while we exchange a flirty glance and breathe in a hug.

For this reason, 1 hour never seems enough. If it’s the first time we’re meeting, it’s highly recommended that you double up and go for 2.

1 hour GFE $550
2 hours GFE $800
3 hours GFE $950

The Dinner Date

The very best thing about food is the way it brings people together.

Sharing a meal, exploring new flavours and exchanging conversation, is the easiest way to make friends, spark connections or meet new lovers.

Once dinner’s over, you take care of the check and I’ll make sure dessert’s on me.

We are spoilt for choice with beautiful restaurants here in Perth and I’d be happy to recommend my favourites to you or maybe you have a secret place up your sleeve to share with me?

4 hours Dinner Date & GFE $1100
6 hours Extended Dinner Date & GFE $2000


I’ve got plenty of date ideas, all you need to do is ask.

A candle-lit bubble bath with fluffy robes and champagne, or maybe red wine by the open fire?

Let me be your own private masseuse, or even better return the favour and be mine.